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Business Transformation using Information Systems

Many organisations fall into the trap of introducing new information systems that simply aim to automate their existing business processes hoping thereby to increase efficiency.  The problem is that if you automate an inefficient process, all you do is increase the inefficiency.

We can assist in identifying the drivers for change, the business processes requiring improvement, and the change levers that need to be addressed to bring about a successful change.  The greatest gains will come from doing the right things.

We will analyse your value chain, identifying the areas where a transformation exercise could lead to some positive gains and use benefit management techniques to identify the changes required.  We can then design new processes with your staff and (if necessary) design the supporting information systems and related technology, to assist in bringing these processes to life.

Potential benefits that may be realised from a transformation project are considerable; however the risks are also great.  It is in the transformation design and management of these risks that our experience is invaluable.

"If you were starting again from scratch and there were no constraints, how would you organise your business?"

Business Transformation can include Business Process Re-engineering (BPR to give it one of its many names).  This aims to start over, taking nothing for granted.  It involves designing new business processes that perform the work and tackle problems in an efficient and effective way.

Many new information system implementations involve a certain amount of business process transformation.  This is not to say that the company should change to fit the system, but that efficient business processes and supporting information systems should be designed to ensure they deliver overall business strategy.

BPR is not automation - that implies making existing ways of working more efficient.
BPR is not traditional cost reduction - that involves identifying avoidable costs.
BPR is not incremental improvement - we have all been increasing productivity for decades.

The essence of BPR is:
"starting over: beginning with a clean sheet of paper".



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