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Boost your effectiveness with some appropriate training.  All courses delivered in a friendly, informal style to maximise learning.

Microsoft Office courses can include integrating the various products.


Find your way round more quickly and easily. This is where you'll find out what all those little symbols around the screen are used for?
We're all different, so learn how to customise your pc to suit you and your everyday needs. Organise your desktop and your files and folders, change the startup so that all your usual programs start automatically.
Get lots of tips and tricks to use windows tools efficiently.

  So you know how to use E-mail - what about the rest that Outlook has to offer?
Find out how you can rely on Outlook to assist you throughout your day by managing your email, address book, notes, tasks and schedule meetings.
Build distribution lists to streamline mailings, colour code your calendar so that the very important things stand out.
  Find out what you've been missing. Most people only use a small percentage of the features available in Word, but you could be different!
Here you will learn some simple tips that could save hours of typing.
Whether it is correspondence, posters, forms etc you can improve the style and speed of production.
  Let Excel do the 'Maths' (and lots of other stuff) for you.
Instruction given on useful, practical formulae, along with some handy hints and tips (and a few clever macros).
Use our 'top ten' functions to build workable spreadsheets to record and analyse all those tricky bits of data.
Discover that Excel is not just for accountants and that there are many features that will assist you to perform daily calculations and analysis with ease.
  Let the audience think you're a genius!
Find out just how easy it is to utilise this powerful tool to create really swish presentations.
  We all use databases every day - why not learn how to be a designer and producer as well as a user?
We will demystify the design and production of simple databases for your business and perhaps something a lot more sophisticated!
Various levels of course available including programming Access with Visual Basic

What's the plan? Find out how Project can help you to build a project schedule and then monitor progress, ensuring all "t's are crossed" and "i's are dotted".
Not the easiest thing to learn, but with our help you will quickly become productive.

Front Page / Expression Web
  How did they do that? Learn how to create some interesting web pages of your own, including some clever little features.
Gain useful hints and tips to make building an intranet or web site easy.
Internet Usage Still puzzled as to how it all works and what all the www's are about?
A straightforward introduction into what the Internet can do for you, how to find stuff and what to do when you've found it.
Web Building
  Is it really that tricky or clever to build a web site? - not really.
This taster will guide you into designing and building a basic web site (well not that basic :-)
Keyboard Skills

Are you a 'one-finger fiend'? Let us show you some basic 'touch typing' skills.
Hard at first, but stick at it and your fingers will soon be flying over the keys.

Presentation Skills
  The course is suitable for anyone who needs to give presentations and get their message across effectively.
Includes some informal practical involvement.
Train the Trainer
  You know how it works, but can't seem to get the message across to anybody else.
Find out how adults learn, then get loads of hints and tips on how to teach them. Includes some informal practical involvement.
While targeting trainers the course is suitable for anyone who needs to give presentations and get their message across.

Standard or tailor-made course notes
are available to purchase.



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