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At the heart of most business operations is a store of data waiting to be turned into information, creating benefits and valuable knowledge for the organisation.  A good relational database can transform a disparate series of data into something much more worthwhile.  Collection, storage, updating, management and reporting can be significantly improved.  Duplication, re-entering and transcription errors can be reduced or even eliminated.

Data and subsequent information and knowledge are easily shared by all members of an enterprise, and modern communications technologies allow sharing to take place anywhere, anytime.

We have developed many database systems for diverse applicatioons for various clients.
These include:

Document Control
Contact Management (CRM)
Customer Care and Service Desk
Student Record Management
Time Recording and Case Management
Patient Records and Appointments
Property Letting Management

We can create or adapt new versions of these and other systems to meet your specific requirements.

We specialise in database management solutions for small and medium sized businesses.  We offer design, development, implementation and training.

We use Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access (or both), as appropriate to clients' needs, with rich user interfaces developed as software applications or pages on an organisations intranet.



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