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Information Systems have become a critical component of business life, influencing competitive advantage and organisational success for most world class organisations.  Optimum use of information systems and efficient implementation are essential to this success.  Strategic Information Systems can change the way your business operates.  They can create new products or open up new markets opportunities.

Let us help you put  the pieces together!!

We offer development of general business applications, using the most popular desktop packages to meet your specific requirements.  We have created systems in the following example areas:

Automated Document Processing using Word
general office correspondence
internal forms and documents
interaction with business data

Streamlined Numerical Analysis with Excel
financial appraisal and analysis
list management
performance monitoring

Interactive Presentations with PowerPoint
sales and technical presentations
training modules
reception information for visitors

On-Track Schedules and Plans using Project
sales tendering process
engineering project development
information systems project development



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