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Business Links
Durham Business School  []
  John is an external tutor in information systems and e-commerce on Durham's distance learning MBA and MA programmes and is module leader for Business Transformation using Information Systems.  The University of Durham Business School is one of the top 100 rated in the world.
John N Dunn Group Ltd  []
  One of our long term clients with whom we have been involved in all areas of the business, developing systems and changing business processes.
Visual Studio []
  Microsoft site for all things Visual Studio
SQL Server []
  Microsoft site for all things SQL Server
SQL Server Central  []
  SQL Server community of developers, database administrators and users for all things SQL Server
Official ASP.NET site  []
  Microsoft site for all things ASP.NET
DynamicDrive  []
  Great site for obtaining JavaScript and DHTML coding for web sites.
Pocket-Lint []
  Great site for gadget news and reviews
Professional Links
LinkedIn []
  Waterstar profile on LinkedIn
LinkedIn []
  John's profile on LinkedIn
Social Links
RSPCA North East  []
  Debbie volunteers for the North Northumberland RSPCA re-homing centre and is a home visitor for checking prospective adopters.  The staff here do a wonderful job, and there are lots of great dogs and cats looking for a new life in a caring home.
Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue   []
  Debbie volunteers at the hedgehog rescue centre in the village, cleaning, feeding and caring for these adorable creatures that are now an endangered species.
GailMarathon   []
  Gail is running the New York City Marathon 2012 and is looking for sponsors in the UK and Germany



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