My Heart Laughs... fundraising for children with heart problems


Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of meeting many children with heart defects, cancer and cystic fibrosis. They are all very inspiring. Each of them has their own story to tell. They have taught me how valuable good health is and how we need to learn to be grateful for our own health. They gave me a chance to reflect on my life and to consciously live life to the full.

I am in awe of the strength, determination and willpower of these children. I started running again a few years ago with a very vague idea of running a marathon before I was 40. I often think of these children when I run. It gives me the motivation I need to keep going. My casual running quickly turned into marathon training.

In 2012 I trained all year for the New York City Marathon and used this event as a fundraising challenge. Due to Hurricane Sandy, my dreams of running the NYC Marathon were almost shattered. On 3rd November 2013 I was in New York again. I don’t like unfinished business!  My friend Uli and I finished in 3:58:39 - it was amazing.

Running a marathon and the hard training involved is my personal challenge. I wanted to prove to myself that I also possess a certain amount of strength, determination and willpower. Running is a great form of therapy, it clears the mind and strengthens the body. It also gives me the chance to enjoy the great outdoors with friends. The finish line in New York was the top of my mountain and holding my finisher medal personally meant a lot to me.

I have named my campaigns,
    "My heart laughs ....".
I am so grateful for my family's good health today.  My fundraising efforts are my way of saying THANK YOU!

The Team

I have received so much support from family and friends for these campaigns. Without all the wonderful help and support from each individual, this campaign would not be possible.
  • They run
  • They sew
  • They design posters and websites
  • They fold letters
  • They bake cakes
  • They sell everything we make
  • They offer their time, talent, commitment and enthusiasm
  • They motivate me to continue my efforts

My heartfelt thanks to you all.

Thanks also go to all my Facebook fans who read, like and share my page and comments on a regular basis.
In almost all events my good friends are with me.

Using the name "Crazy Chicks" we start many running events together. We train together, we help together, we bake together, we sew together.

We all love just doing some good. I am so glad I have all your support - Thank You
Anna, Bettina, Gail, Julia, Kassi, Kirstin, Marietta, Nadine, Sabine, Tani and Uli